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Plan Commissioner Nate Amack Endorses Dave Glasgow for Village President

Serving as a Plan Commissioner for the last couple years, it has been my privilege to witness first hand the policies and leadership of our Village that has brought much growth and progress, while preserving the values and wonderful culture of our community. Village President Helm has done a fantastic job of forging the path of success we currently enjoy, and I am writing to encourage my fellow Village residents to vote for Village Trustee Dave Glasgow to lead us into the next era of prosperity.

While we enjoy many benefits our Village provides; strong schools, a safe community, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, improving parks and a revitalizing downtown, there remains much work to be done in order to maintain and further develop each of those areas so they will be strong and stable for many years to come. Dave Glasgow has the experience, skills and confidence to lead our Village into a future that presents many challenges. Dave is humble enough to seek wise counsel, listen to understand, and make decisions that benefit the Village without compromising our values; in other words, it’s not about him… but about what is best for the families and residents of Menomonee Falls.

I am proud to say that Dave Glasgow has my vote for Village President, and I ask my fellow neighbors and friends in our Village to cast your vote for Dave on April 3rd.

Nate Amack

Village Resident

Menomonee Falls Plan Commissioner

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