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Things aren’t always what they seem!

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

A group calling themselves the Menomonee Falls Republicans recently formed.  What most people don't know is that this is none other than a front group purposely created to disguise the agenda of the Menomonee Falls Taxpayer Association, an ultra-libertarian, anti-government activist group who has been no friend of Menomonee Falls since its inception. Having experienced significant losses in recent elections, they are now using the good Republican name and GOP symbol to attempt to gain some semblance of legitimacy and relevance. The group’s co-administrators are Katie Kress, a Falls Village Trustee and Chris Slinker, a former Village Trustee, and members include Village Trustees Paul Tadda and Jeremy Walz, many long-time MFTA followers as well as MFTA leadership. They are also supporting Steve Taggart, a candidate in this April’s Village Board election.  Another April election candidate, Brian Schneider, was endorsed by the MFTA in 2012 for his election to the Hamilton School Board (Menomonee Falls Patch April 12, 2012 "Newly Elected Hamilton School Board Member Addresses Rumors")

In all my years as a conservative Republican and strong supporter of the GOP, I have never seen a group more destructive, disingenuous, and deceitful than the MFTA. Under the guise of protecting the taxpayer from “ever expanding government spending” and government bureaucracy, their true aim is to completely control all levels of local government according to their own radical libertarian agenda.

Paul Tadda, a Village Trustee running for re-election in April and an MFTA candidate, stood in front of the entire group at a Republican Pints and Politics event in Menomonee Falls on Friday February 1st and called the Falls Village Government a swamp. An appalling comment considering the fact that Menomonee Falls is one of the most successful, financially stable, desirable, and fastest growing communities in Wisconsin with one of the lowest tax rates in the state. Tadda and another MFTA-endorsed Trustee, Jeremy Walz, who is also up for re-election, recently proposed several actions at a Village Board meeting amounting to nothing more than a politically-motivated, election-related micromanagement overreach of both the Police Chief and her leadership as well as Village staff. Trustee Katie Kress, the third MFTA representative on the Village Board, voted in favor of all but one of their motions but ultimately the motions failed. A very bad and miscalculated move on their part.  Had they taken the time to talk with police leadership first, they wouldn't have had to make these meaningless proposals.  We have an excellent Police Chief and one of the finest police departments in the State and our community overwhelming supports them.  That two Village Trustees would undermine the leadership of our police and question the effectiveness of their law enforcement strategy is an affront to us all and conduct unbecoming of elected officials.

The MFTA would bring an end to TIF/TID’s, the most powerful economic development tool for a municipality which has been conservatively used to help transform the Falls into $5 billion of equalized value and the 3rd largest manufacturing base in the entire state. Falsely accusing the Village government of crony capitalism, corporate giveaways, picking winners and losers, and using taxpayer dollars to finance developers, they have clearly stated their opposition to the majority of TIF-proposals.   

These are just a few of many examples over the last 4 years. The MFTA-endorsed Trustees past and present have demonstrated time and time again a fundamental lack of understanding of economic development principles, business acumen, and village government operations, and combined with their anti-government ideology and their intention to completely control very level of government, they represent a danger to the future success and progress of our community. 

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